User Agreement

1.The purchased auto event license will no cancellation.

2.Licenses are made to the IP address. You do not have the option to change the rope. If the rope is changed, you will need to get a new license.

3.Our programs work with "REMOTE SQL" connection.Silkroadexe is not responsible for complications that may occur if you configure the event system incorrectly.

4.When configuring "REMOTE SQL" during auto event setup, you should not forget to add "SCOPE".We are not responsible for this situation.

5.You can buy multiple licenses and manage them from the same account, there is no restriction for them.

6.Uploaded balances cannot be returned.

7.Members who use the Reseller system can get a discount license.Uploaded balances cannot be returned.

8.All members registered on our site are deemed to have accepted the terms here.