The Silkraodexe.com Team consists of 2 Turkish 1 Egyptian developers.We are developing many C # and PHP projects with our team, which is well positioned in the Silkroad industry.Silkraodexe.com is just one of them.

Silkroadexe.com is an auto event software and editor software.It is a software developed and continues to be developed for the purpose of providing convenience for silkroad private server installers with continuous updates.

There is no requirement for you to get service through silkroadexe.com.You can register for free and provide automatic setup and use it immediately.You can get a license to take advantage of all the features.

The auto event program runs on the website with the "REMOTE SQL" link.You can start using immediately with "PERMISSIONS FROM YOUR SERVER" without the need for any code information or additional setup.If you have difficulties with the installation, you can reach us from our discord channel.

Silkrad exe auto event software is a single license, no additional package is available.Silkroad exe editor software is a single license and there is no additional package.

You can use Auto event free version on all your servers as many times as you want.Purchased licenses are only available for 1 game.

Program active license users can benefit from all updates free of charge.When the new feature comes in, you can start using it automatically if you have a license.

There is no vulnerability in our systems.As long as you configure the "REMOTE SQL" connection correctly, it does not create any vulnerability.

Auto event initial settings are ready automatically. However, if you are having difficulty with the adjustments, you can request help from us.

Installation can be provided on all servers that you purchase from all over the world. There is no location limitation.

Yes it matters. In order to use all the auto event features, [AUTOPVPMODREGION]-[PARTYLIMITREGION]-[DEATHTOTOWN]-[BERSEKLIMITREGION] features required to be working protection software. Maxiguard and F8 Filter It is used 100% compatible with. You can use it with different protection software. If there are no features we wrote, many features are not available.

We develop according to special requests, but these improvements are very costly. Additional Auto Event development fee starts at $500.